Tuesday, February 28, 2006

song sketch #1 Clem Snide,the ghost of fashion:The aftemath

Now that i can devote some time to the characters and concepts i half created with the song sketch,I can re-draw them and develop the characters.Here is the first re-drawing of some of my favorite characters from the song sketch.Im sure this wont be the last of chinese baby.

Song Sketch #1 Clem Snide,the ghost of fashion

I made up my own drawing exersize that i call song sketch.I listen to a cd and for every song i make a drawing on an index card.When the song ends i have to stop drawing on that index card and start on the next.Here are the results of my first one(the cd was Clem Snide:The Ghost Of Fashion).

Angelina Jolie caricature's

I entered these into a draw a caricature of angelina Jolie contest on John K's Blog http://johnkstuff.blogspot.com/ .I didnt win,but i was good enough to be a runner up.

This last Angelina was made after the contest was over.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

First post

I just wanted to post a comment on Sacks 10 http://sacks10.blogspot.com/ ,and so i had to create an account and a blog.Ohh well its about time i got one anyway.

SInce this is my first post i should introduce myself.My name is Chet,im 14(so cut me some slack haha),and im currently learning to animate and working on my drawing skills.